The MKT group’s mission is: 

1. To based on the EESPA Strategy to devise and support the implementation of marketing activities in order to promote the EESPA value proposition, awareness of the association’s activities and strengthening of the EESPA community.

2. To support the Secretariat and Executive Committee in all communication activities including web-site, events, publications and member relations.

3. To make proposals for the fullest possible member involvement and engagement with the activities of the association.

4. To plan and support the implementation of activities aimed at recruitment and expansion of the EESPA community.

5. To propose and contribute to relevant materials, such as articles, glossaries etc. to be posted on the web-site or otherwise distributed.

6. To make suggestions for the ‘look and feel’, features and content of the EESPA web-site and publications.

7. To assist the Executive Committee in the further development of EESPA’s strategic direction, in conjunction with the other working groups of the association.