EESPA acts as a trade association at European level for a large and dynamic community of E-Invoicing Service Providers, drawn from organisations that provide network, business outsourcing, financial, technology and EDI services. EESPA is an International Not-for-Profit Association (AISBL/IVZW) organised under Belgian law. Formed in 2011 EESPA has over 70 full and associate members.

EESPA is providing and developing a number of services for its membership:

    • Representing the industry, engaging in the public policy debate
    • Recommending best practice within appropriate European forums
    • Promoting interoperability and the creation of an interoperable eco-system
    • Advocating and supporting the wide adoption of e-invoicing and its benefits


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What Our Members say

“We have an active role in promoting the real-time economy, as well as our role as an integrator and implementer of practical solutions. Our aim is to speed up the digitalization of the financial management of companies, municipalities and government, as this would mean an historic leap, both digitally and in terms of productivity, for the whole of Europe. For us, being a member of a European e-invoicing ecosystem, such as EESPA, enriches our understanding of best practice and market specific differences. Association also provides a stronger voice with which to influence regulators and policy makers.”


( Tapani Turunen, Lead Product Manager and EESPA Executive Committee Member )

"The European Commission has great plans for e-invoicing and as a major global practitioner, Tungsten Network wanted to help. However the EU needed a representative body for service providers and couldn’t easily digest the input of single private companies. So we worked with Charles Bryant to establish and create what is now EESPA. Within a year we had a representative organisation managed by its membership, with some 40 plus e-invoicing service providers and very quickly after that EESPA gained recognition from the EU Commission, for example by being invited into the stakeholder forum, and was allowed to constructively contribute to the programme. Today EESPA, with many more members, is steadily acting as the forum for issues and developments in the e-invoicing space, helping to bring them forward for industry-wide resolution."


( Gary Benson, VP Corporate Development )

"Nowadays electronic invoicing is one of the most popular financial technology changes being implemented all over the world. Europe is using it to create competitive advantage. EESPA represents an ideal vehicle for building a partnership between leading edge competing companies to achieve common industry aims."


( Alberto Redondo, Marketing Manager Iberia & Latam and EESPA Executive Committee member )

"Our membership in EESPA was crucial for our international activities. Networking with other service providers helped us understand the e-Invoicing requirements in other countries. And using the EESPA Model Agreement for interoperability made it possible to exchange invoices across Europe without investing in many different interfaces. This was the only way to make our customers happy and our own life much easier!"


( Marcus Laube, Crossinx Managing Director and EESPA Co-Chair )