Turkish Export and tax-free invoicing: eFinans informs its 130+ ERP partners

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Turkish Export and tax-free invoicing: eFinans informs its 130+ ERP partners

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By: Ilke Altin, Channel Sales & Partnerhips Manager, eFinans

eFinans hosted its ERP partners at its biannual technical seminars to inform its partners on developments in the Turkish e-transformation field and new features of the environment, namely export e-invoicing, tax-free e-invoicing and the upcoming e-dispatch notes.

CEO Okan Murat Dönmez welcomed eFinans’s prestigious partners: “eFinans is currently the only Turkish service provider that is able to actually offer living financial value added services and supports e-Loans. eFinans is the ERP-independent service provider in the markets that we serve. We have found that our cooperation through EESPA ( European E-invoicing Service Providers Association) to be of immense value in pursuing our objectives. Besides cooperation agreements with Basware and Tesisquare, our integrations with similar global structure will be coming in the following months.”

Turkey Country manager for eFinans partner Global Blue SA, Selim Seyhun presented Global Blue’s services in Turkey and its cooperation with eFinans. eFinans is currently the first and only Turkish e-invoice service provider to be fully integrated with Global Blue SA services.

Offering integrations with ease to Turkish exporters

Mr. Dönmez further explained eFinans vision for 2H2017: “Our goal to establish eFinans has been to build financial products over the e-invoicing base. However at the point that we’ve come in Turkey, we’ve seen deficiencies in accounting software and linked software. With a view of enlarging the e-invoicing market, we have therefore decided to support the software market with the technical and financial capacity stemming from our main shareholders Cybersoft and QNB Finansbank. At this point we continue to develop financial products and guard our position among the top 5 players, 4 of which are ERP firms or exclusively dependent on a single ERP, in a market of 60+ licensed service providers. We offer all services on our cloud-based systems and aim to pull more and more taxpayers into the digital world. We are the first member of EESPA in Turkey and have concluded 2 agreements (and are about to add 2 more) with EESPA members.
Basware among such has a special position and is able to reach to 240 service providers at 60 countries, meaning that an exporter working with a eFinans will be able to deliver the UBL invoice and or commercial invoice to the buyer/importer immediately after the customs officer approves the e-invoice, a document with a tradable face value. Our integration with Basware provides our exporting customers with this unique advantage unavailable elsewhere in the field.”

Significant Advantages in Foreign Trade

According to Mr. Dönmez the upcoming exports and tax-free e-invoicing on July 1st, 2017 will entail important benefits for all parties involved: “What sets us apart from the rest is being an “ERP-independent” service provider. There are competitors lacking technical capabilities in the software market. We desire to transfer our technical power to such and share the experience gained in the Turkish e-transformation sector. At the end of the day it’s not just accounting software we’re integrated with. We aim to integrate with all and any software a company may be using for e-transformation. With the Communiqué the Turkish Revenue Authority has published in 2013 and consequent amendments we have to come to a major breakthrough. Currently there are (63.000) users of e-invoice in Turkey. Out of these top turn-over making taxpayers, the top 54.000 realize 85% of Turkey’s export volume.”

Pursuant to Turkish Revenue Authority’s General Communiqué #461 announced in the Official Gazette dated 25/12/2015, that Turkish firms who are obliged to use e-invoicing shall also issue (1) touristic tax-free invoices and (2) merchandise export invoices via the TRA’s e-invoicing systems. This obligation shall start at all customs (including international airports) of Turkey on 01/01/2017.

Despite the legal aspect, technical issues have been in drafts for quite some time. These technical details (in Turkish) have been announced on 03/11/2016.

e-Invoice users who also used the e-Archive system (Turkish e-Bill) were previously obliged to issue export and tax-free invoices via the e-archive system shall continue all such invoice issuing over to the e-invoicing system. Tax-free invoices issued by e-invoice users are obliged to be issued as e-Invoice as of 01/07/2017. eFinans will be offering its 10-year 100% compliant storing service to all Global Blue customers, as it has offered to all its customers with no exception, since its establishment.