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Long-Awaited the Greek SAF-T is on The Home Stretch Now with MyDATA

By Ridvan Yigit – CCO @ SNI Technology – Tax Technology, Indirect Tax, Regulatory Reporting Since the end of 2019, Greek taxpayers and foreign entrepreneurs doing business in Greece have been awaiting further details on the revolutionary electronic requirements. The time has finally come, and the Greek Tax Authorities (AADE) recently published a series of

Turkey encompasses 100.000+ taxpayers into e-documents starting New Year’s Day 2020

Published at the Official Gazette on 19/10/2019, the Turkish Revenue Administration has announced 2 new communiqués (1, 2) regarding e-invoice, e-archive invoice (known in some countries as e-bill), e-Ledger (known in some countries as e-book) and e-Waybill (known in some countries as e-Dispatch Note), e-Ticket, e-Receipts (both tradesmen’s and farmers’). This development enlarges the scope

Comarch Newsletter – September 2019

Read the Newsletter on-line. FIND OUT ABOUT THE LATEST CHANGES IN LEGAL REGULATIONS Bolivia – Greece – India – Norway – Slovakia… CASE STUDY: The EDI platform implementation at La Redoute

e-Transformation in Turkey

In today’s world, digitalization means the usage of digital media and electronic goods is improving and this, in turn, leads to an increase in more and more digital information. Digitalization on tax globally is one of the key issues in the tax world. Digital transformation is no longer only for businesses. As businesses become more

Italy: Electronic invoicing: a chance for change

TESISQUARE®, as a partner of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, will participate in the Conference organized by the B2b Electronic Invoicing Observatory on June 27th, from 09.30 to 13.30, in the Aula Magna Carassa and Dadda from the Bovisa Campus in Milan. Find more information here…

Italy: Regulatory updates both in B2B and B2G e-Invoicing

The B2B Electronic Invoicing is a key topic discussed in 2019.Here are summarized below some regulatory updates both in B2B and B2G e-Invoicing. Read more on Tesisquare

Electronic Billing & eCommerce B2b Observatory: one month from the obligation

TESISQUARE recently participated at the Kick-off of the Electronic Billing & eCommerce B2b 2018/2019 Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, which aimed, one month after the start of the obligation of electronic invoicing between private individuals, to update the participants on the latest regulatory and technical news as well as on practice, but above all

Pagero strengthens presence in Turkey with eFinans

EESPA Members, Pagero & eFinans have signed a strategic partnership agreement to strengthen Pagero’s presence and improve its cross-border services and network in Turkey. The cooperation comes during a time of frequently-changing regulatory requirements within the local Turkish market, driven by Turkey’s tax and revenue authorities. Turkish authorities have been expanding the requirements on businesses

Digital Revolution in the Shipment Processes in Turkey

E-Delivery Note application, which will become mandatory in Turkey in 2019, has its name rather frequently mentioned in recent times. According to the new draft communiqué published recently, the deadline is 1 July 2019 (You can see it by clicking on the Communiqué). In this article, we will try to explain the scope of e-Delivery

Italian Healthcare Public Administration is ready to digitize purchase orders through the NSO channel

In recent years, Italy, compared to other European countries, is making huge progress on the digitization of B2B and B2G processes. The 2019 will be a year full of news not only because B2B electronic invoicing will come into force (January 1st) but also because the Healthcare Public Administration will exchange with its suppliers purchase

The e-Transformation Industry’s Situation in The World

With the astonishing improvement in technology and now that there is a concept that technology touches every moment of our lives with, many countries in the world today have been taking steps towards e-Transformation. Work and investments related to e-Transformation have started to show up in public institutions as well as in private sectors. The

Are you ready for RTIR?

The Ministry for National Economy of Hungary has confirmed the Real-Time Invoice Reporting (RTIR) – 1st of July 2018. With RTIR, VAT registered Hungarian entities (irrespective of their presence is abroad) must report their B2B sales invoices with VAT amount of HUF 100.000 (approx. 320 Euro) to Hungarian Tax Authority (HU-TA) immediately. Manually generated invoices

Turkey aims to encompass more taxpayers into e-invoicing in 2019 & reconsiders e-waybill obligation

The Turkish Revenue Authority (TRA) has published 2 draft communiqués to putting the digital expansion into focus again. According to sources within the TRA, e-invoice using taxpayer number may increase to 185,000 including about 40,000 public sector users and users of the e-bill (“e-arsiv”) system may increase to 140,000. These 140,000 will be required to use

Sovos Acquires TrustWeaver, Expanding E-Invoicing Compliance Coverage in 60 Countries

Acquisition expands Sovos’ capabilities in Procure-to-Pay and B2B transaction automation on six continents, adding e-archiving and e-signature compliance Sovos, a leading global provider of tax software, announced today that it will acquire Stockholm-based TrustWeaver, the leading provider of cloud software that helps businesses authenticate and centrally archive electronic documents for VAT audit purposes. Read the

Italian Health Public Administration chose PEPPOL standard for sending orders to their suppliers.

In the recent years, Italy, compared to other European countries, is making a huge progress on the digitization of business operations between private companies but also with the Public Administration. The path began in 2014 with the introduction of the B2G e-invoicing obligation until today where companies are getting ready in order to fulfill the

Foriba completed its second round of investments with IFC leadership – Foriba gets an investment of 5 million dollars

Turkey’s leading e-Transformation company, Foriba, has officially completed its second round of investment. The two other big names in the Series B investment, led by IFC (International Finance Corporation), a foundation of the World Bank Group, were Revo Capital and Endeavor Catalyst. Foriba is making new plans for company acquisitions and mergers with the $5

SERES issues the first implementation report on electronic invoicing in Colombia

SERES carried out its research during eight months, based on  a sample of 1,500 companies in the areas of telecommunications, products and services, agriculture, textiles, footwear, technology, ports and oil, among others. These reference companies, are distributed throughout 16 departments of the country, although there are particular concentrations in Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Cundinamarca and

2 New Upcoming Updates of the Turkish Revenue Administration in 2018

e-Delivery Note to Unregistered! The General Communiqué of the Tax Procedures Code No. 487, which was issued regarding the electronic arrangement, transmission, preservation and presentation of the delivery note document used in the transport and shipment of a good, was published on 17 December 2017. Then, with the notification published on 01.01.2018, voluntary transitions started

A new e-Delivery Note communiqué has been issued in Turkey: Transitions would be voluntarily

A new communiqué was issued on December 17, 2017 about the transition to the e-Delivery note, which thousands of taxpayers are eagerly waiting for. According to the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 487 issued by the Revenue Administration (TRA), the transition to the e-Delivery note is not obligatory. However, due to the advantages

Turkish e-dispatch note and e-receipts, now voluntary

The Turkish Revenue Authority (“TRA”) has published on 17/12/2017 a communiqués on more digitization. Publicized in the Official Gazette #30273, the Communiqué unfortunately is on voluntary usage of  the much awaited e-dispatch note, farmer’s receipts and professional service receipts (i.e. medical doctors, lawyers, architects, etc.). Obligatory usage is not defined and the systems will be

Turkish retail giants move into more digitization as per TRA permit

Pursuant to General Communiqué #483 of the Turkish Revenue Administration published in the Official Gazette #30196, obligations for usage of “new generation” online fiscal cash registers (“FCR”) and mandatory receipts has been readjusted for taxpayers in organized retail sales sector. Briefly, to obtain exemption from new generation FCR usage obligations and move into more paperless environment

B2B e-invoicing in Italy will be mandatory from 2018 -2019

News on B2B e-invoicing in Italy! The regulation Disegno di Legge di Bilancio 2018 foresees e-invoicing between business partners mandatory from 2018. Documents digitalization in Italy, but also in all Europe, is an irreversible and necessary process for many reasons: Need to fight against tax fraud; Need of more administrative flexibility; Need of reduce bureaucracy

Best Practice PEPPOL – Emilia Romagna Region

The first Italian Region adopting PEPPOL standard was Emilia Romagna in 2016 following the regional law n. 287/2015 according to which: all Emilia Romagna Public Administration and Health Care System suppliers must sent orders and dispatch advice through Peppol AP (Access Point). The project has been developed in 2016, involving as first step the Emilia

Turkey moves to enlarge e-bill & digitize logistics, agriculture and professional service invoicing

The Turkish Revenue Authority (“TRA”) has published on 25/08/2017 not one, but two draft communiqués on more digitization. The first draft consists of bringing a change in the obligatory use of the Turkish e-bill project (“e-arsiv”). The current legislation obligates taxpayers that have made any amount of sales over e-commerce and surpasses the total annual

Turkish Social Security Institution (SGK) to receive e-invoices starting Oct’17

Following the successful on-boarding of Turkish Customs Directorate onto the Turkish Revenue Authority’s e-invoicing system, Turkish Social Security Institution (“SGK”) has announced on 22/08/2017 that it shall receive e-invoices as of 01/10/2017. (pdf announcement in Turkish) Despite the fact that the announcement does not mandate the 60000-odd taxpayers operating in the medical sector (hospitals, pharmacies, prescribed optics retailers,

OpusCapita to acquire Swiss e-invoicing portal Billexco

OpusCapita, a Nordic market leader in digital invoicing and payments solutions, continues to strengthen its buyer-supplier network and expand its geographical reach in the DACH region by acquiring Swiss e-invoicing portal Billexco AG. Privately owned Billexco is a portal for electronic invoice exchange in both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) markets. It offers a

Turkish Export and tax-free invoicing: eFinans informs its 130+ ERP partners

eFinans hosted its ERP partners at its biannual technical seminars to inform its partners on developments in the Turkish e-transformation field and new features of the environment, namely export e-invoicing, tax-free e-invoicing and the upcoming e-dispatch notes. CEO Okan Murat Dönmez welcomed eFinans’s prestigious partners: “eFinans is currently the only Turkish service provider that is able to actually

Electronic Invoicing: European Union directives bring new efficiencies and cost savings to shipping

This white paper addresses the current state of e-invoicing in Europe, the challenges and benefits of working with e-invoices and how you can get started with this efficient, cost-saving solution. Download the white paper here

eFinans and TESISQUARE® joined their forces for the projects of electronic invoicing in Turkey

eFinans and TESISQUARE® joined officially their forces for the projects of electronic invoicing in Turkey signing the EESPA Model Interoperability  Agreement (MIA) during the last General Assembly Meeting in Brussels (23 – 24 November 2016). EESPA played an important role creating propitious circumstances for both providers to support bilateral interoperability transactions, create connections with each

The electronic invoice takes pace in Spain

Step by step,  electronic invoicing is becoming a reality in Spain. Overcoming caution by companies and a slowly developing solutions industry, greater knowledge and the ‘pull’ effect of large buyers and autonomous cities has encouraged adoption. Now there are important initiatives by central government bodies, which are capable of promoting very wide usage among their

Scanning of inbound paper invoices in Europe

The rules on conversion of invoice form and format are not harmonized across the EU and EEA. Thus, even though the majority of these countries allow for an invoice to be converted from paper to electronic form upon receipt, and at the same time for discarding the paper version, this is often permitted only subject

New weapon against the shadow economy – tax authorities to receive VAT information in real time

Tieto and the Federation of Finnish Financial Services have presented an initiative on digitalized value-added tax (VAT) reporting. The new standard would allow companies to report VAT information faster and facilitate real-time reporting. Adopting a uniform standard could help to increase European tax revenues by up to EUR 160 billion a year. The new ISO