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e-invoicing Directive 2014/55/EU transposition

The definition of a common European standard on electronic invoicing is expected to facilitate the creation and processing of eInvoices for cross-border transactions. The CEN Technical Committee on Electronic Invoicing (CEN TC434) has the mandate to define the European standard on electronic invoicing by 2017 with the assistance of the European Commission and Member States. According to the eInvoicing Directive, it will be mandatory for all public entities to receive and process eInvoices complying with the European standard 18 months after the publication of the common European Standard and the list of syntaxes. This deadline is binding for central authorities. For public entities at local and regional level it can be extended to 30 months upon a country’s request, to give them additional time to comply with the eInvoicing Directive.

Figure 1 presents a timeline for the transposition of the eInvoicing Directive.