German-speaking Exchange Summit in Bonn, May 2018.

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German-speaking Exchange Summit in Bonn, May 2018.

May 15-16 2018, 4th E-Rechnungs-Gipfel 2018Bonn, Germany

The event was a very successful and well received by about 250 attendees. The audience was dominated by public sector representatives (about 70%).

Discussions were mainly around the implementation of e-invoicing in the public sector. A portal was presented which will be used by end of the year to receive e-invoices with the new German standard X- Rechnung for ministries at the federal level. X-Rechnung will be aligned with the European Norm EN 16931.

When it comes to the regional authorities under the heading ‘Bundesländer” and the municipality sector, there is still uncertainty about the precise solutions to be implemented as well as the concrete legal framework which will only be completed by end of this year.

PEPPOL was presented as a solution to address public sector needs. There is already a decision to use PEPPOL at the Federal level.
Before October it will be decided whether it will also be mandatory at a regional/municipality level.

Marcus Laube, EESPA Co-Chair