FNFE-MPE announces Factur-X V1.0.04

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FNFE-MPE announces Factur-X V1.0.04

Factur-X is a Franco-German standard for hybrid e-invoice (PDF for users and XML data for process automation), the first implementation of the European Semantic Standard EN 16931 published by the European Commission on October 16th 2017. Factur-X is the same standard as ZUGFeRD 2.0.

Factur-X is at the same time a full readable invoice in a PDF A/3 format, containing all information useful for its treatment, especially in case of discrepancy or absence of automatic matching with orders and / or receptions, and a set of invoice data presented in an XML structured file conformant to EN16931 (syntax CII D16B), complete or not, allowing invoice process automation.

The first objective of Factur-X is to enable suppliers, invoice issuers, to create added-value e-invoices, containing a maximum of information in structured form, according to their ability to produce them in this form, and to let customers recipients free to use the invoice data and / or the readable presentation, depending on their needs and their invoice process maturity on automation.

In order to allow the broadest adoption by any size of companies, and in order to guide them, this standard includes several data profiles:

  • MINIMUM : corresponding to the minimum invoice information
  • required on CHORUSPRO and equivalent to a classic header OCR and manual validation data capture.
  • BASIC WL : corresponding to the document level invoice information that are mostly required or useful for buyers for their process automation
  • BASIC : corresponding to the BASIC WL profile with the core line
  • information required or useful for buyers for their process automation
  • EN16931 : corresponding to all the invoice information present in the European Norm EN16931
  • EXTENDED : corresponding to the EN16931 profile, with some additional invoice data. This profile is under construction, and will be published later.

AIFE (French Agency for State Financial Informatics), who is in charge of CHORUSPRO hasintegrated Factur-X as an available hybrid format in CHORUSPRO, since May 2018.  

Following  the final version V1.0 published on December 31st 2017, and the first implementation in the first semester of 2018, the FNFE-MPE has published in July 2018 a second version of the documentation, in English and French, and a version 1.0.03 in October with a large part of the code list. Following the cooperation with FERD on ZUGFeRD 2.0 (which is strictly identical to Factur-x), the corrigendum of CEN TC 434 on syntax bindings and codelists, and the Hackathon organized in early 2019, we publish the version 1.0.04 of the Factur-x documentation:

  • with EXTENDED Profile
  • with a few correction on BASIC profile to make it compliant to the EN16931
  • with more detailed information on XMP, following implementation feedback.
  • with new xsd including the codelist
  • with the last Schematron for EN16931

The english version is available here:

  Factur-X 1.0.04 – Complete EN version

It is composed of:

  • a presentation and implementation guidance document for Factur-X (Version V1.0.3), which comes in addition to the EN16931 documentation (see AFNORILNAS, or EVS, …)
  • an example of an XMP extension scheme (for the creation of PDF A-3)
  • an excel representation of the XML syntax UNCEFACT CII D16B for the implementation of the different profiles of set of invoice data, with a template for a readable presentation of all the information present in the Norm, as well as the main business rules, and the code lists.
  • 5 XSD schemes: MINIMUM, BASIC_WL, BASIC, EN 16931, EXTENDED profiles, as well as the complete XSD of SCRDM D16B XML CII which allows the widest acceptance (recommended for reception).
  • examples of invoices in Factur-x format, in all profiles and for different situations.
  • logo tablets(per profile), which can be added in the PDF readable presentation in order to signify to the recipient that it is a Factur-X invoice.