Everything You Wonder About e-Transformation in Turkey

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Everything You Wonder About e-Transformation in Turkey

There is more than one definition for e-Transformation, which has been frequently mentioned recently. Opening the doors to an entirely different world by creating new working models, service and product alternatives, needs and a new culture, e-Transformation corresponds to the most significant features: speed and low cost.

e-Transformation provides great advantages in public administration, knowledge generation and management, interactive online service production and delivery, security management, finance management, and good governance.

Below you can find a list the electronic systems that have been introduced to our lives, within the scope of e-Transformation. 

The Main Actor of Digital Market: e-Invoice   

If you are in the e-Transformation industry or dabble in the digital world a little bit more, you must have heard about e-Invoice. The number of people using e-Invoice is increasing day by day. Even if the majority of this population use it compulsorily, there are also several companies which voluntarily use e-Invoice due to its advantages.

Did you know that the number of processed electronic documents is 190,681 times higher than Mount Everest?

Yes, that is correct! According to the current statistics of the Revenue Administration in Turkey, the number of electronic documents that have been processed up to date is 190,681 times higher than Mount Everest. In other words, the total number of processed e-Invoices is approximately 784.695.82. The e-Invoice is an application which digitalizes the processes such as invoice printing, invoice billing and invoice sending, by taking all these processes into the digital environment. Its most significant advantage is a fast and regular invoice sending process; companies do not need to struggle with all these operational processes.

Long-Time Pal of End-Users: e-Archive Invoice

Just like e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice is also a kind of invoice within the electronic invoice system. e-Archive is the type of invoice where one of the parties is electronic invoice user, and the other party is not whereas e-Invoice is the type of invoice where both of the parties are registered to the system. However, please note that to be able to use e-Archive Invoice, a company needs to be registered to e-Archive first. 

e-Ledger for Those Who Know How to Handle Finances

e-Ledger is a system where ledgers named cash blotter, and general ledger are prepared, signed with a timestamp and submitted in the electronic environment. As e-Ledger is kept on the electronic environment, there is no need for notarization. It eliminates the trouble of archiving ledgers, enables the system between the state and so, the enterprise operates more regularly and thoroughly.

It’s a Long Run: e-Delivery Note

Drafted by the state in the past few days, e-Delivery Note system is expected to be implemented as of 2019. Within the scope of this application, companies registered to the electronic invoice system will be able to prepare and send delivery notes in the digital environment after they submit their invoices as e-Invoices to the other party, and these delivery notes will be accepted as shipment delivery notes.

These titles form a part of the systems used by companies within the scope of e-Transformation. In addition to these, there are other services such as e-Ticket, e-Auditing, e-Record Keeping, etc. within e-Transformation. You can evaluate the advantages of these systems and start to use them voluntarily.