EESPA Summary of Policy Positions v9.0 2019

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EESPA Summary of Policy Positions v9.0 2019

Version 9.0 was adopted by the General Assembly meeting of 13 June 2019.

This document sets out the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association’s (EESPA) Summary of Positions on Public Policy v9.0. EESPA will continue to regularly update these positions. EESPA is committed to working with the European Commission and other stakeholders to ensure the effective development of electronic invoicing policy in the broadest sense. The following sets out areas where EESPA has developed specific policy positions in areas of interest to its members:

Executive Summary:

1. EESPA supports concerted action by all European stakeholders to promote the benefits and ease of adoption of e-invoicing for both the public and private sector.

2. The EU should continue to promote greater uniformity and legal clarity in e-invoicing and e-archiving laws and regulations, which should be unambiguous, harmonised and practical to implement. There is a growing trend towards the imposition of additional requirements for Continuous Transaction Controls for fiscal reporting of invoices to the tax authorities at Member State level. We propose a set of Principles to address the need for greater harmonisation

3. The new EU core invoice standard (EN) is an important enabling initiative but continues to need a strong focus on implementation, to ensure its success.

4. Policies related to e-procurement and e-invoicing should be solution neutral and recognise the trend towards ‘cloud’ based service and outsourcing models. EESPA is pleased to participate in a range of legal, policy and implementation-related initiatives.