e-Transformation in Turkey

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e-Transformation in Turkey

By: Foriba

In today’s world, digitalization means the usage of digital media and electronic goods is improving and this, in turn, leads to an increase in more and more digital information. Digitalization on tax globally is one of the key issues in the tax world.

Digital transformation is no longer only for businesses. As businesses become more digital, governments and tax authorities are having to change the way they collect taxes. As the tax authorities themselves also adopt disruptive technology, including advanced data-driven auditing techniques.

When it comes to the digital evolution of the tax compliance process, Especially Latin American countries and Turkey are blazing the path forward. Tax authorities in the region’s largest countries are investing heavily in technology, ramping up their ability not just to access more business information in real-time.

Contrary to the past year, a new draft report published by the Turkish Revenue of Administration. This report stated that e-Delivery Note and e-Archive are now mandatory for registered e-Invoice taxpayers. The rule came into the show at the start of 2019 and this draft report stated that if a taxpayer has a gross sales revenue that is greater than 5 Million TRY for 2017 and the following fiscal period, they are obligated to register for e-Archive invoicing.

If you’re looking for better, more efficient ways to stay on top of regulatory compliance, you may want to try these strategies. We help business’ to stay compliant in regulatory updates in line with the e-Transformation solution in Turkey namely e-Invoice, e-Ledger, e-Delivery, and e-Archive.


Literally, this is an electronic document which is standardized in a certain format, sealed in a way it cannot be changed, and which ensures safety and saves on time and cost for the seller and buyer. With e-invoice solution, which has many advantages compared to the printed invoicing, a company gets rid of the expenses such as invoice printing, billing, signing, and related operational burdens. The collection process is also accelerated as the e-invoice reaches customers instantly.


Officially, this is the entire records covering the information required to be found in books which have to be kept in accordance with Tax Procedure Law and Turkish Commercial Code regardless of procedural provisions. Moreover, e-Ledger solution, which notarization is not required as it is kept in the digital atmosphere.


The e-Delivery Note, which enables the creation of the delivery notes in the digital environment and speeding up your shipment processes and commerce.Thanks to e-Delivery application, which are transferred and stored in the digital environment; the companies are able to access to the e-Delivery effectively.


According to the requirements of Tax Regulation, The e-archive invoicing application enables the to arrange invoices electronically, as well as storing and submitting the second copy. It is possible to authorize an unlimited number of users. Information can be archived for 10 years minimum. That’s why, companies that have started to use e-Archive Invoicing along with e-Invoice, have the ease of issuing invoices electronically not only to the e-invoice users but also to all their customers.

As one of the leading reg-tech players in the global, we transform all business transactions from invoicing to bookkeeping to paperless with our first-in-market solution. We grew out of SAP consulting and rooted in the enterprise market to make our customers stay compliant in all countries in the digital world.

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