CEF article on “Onboarding for SMEs and Private Sector”

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CEF article on “Onboarding for SMEs and Private Sector”

with contribution from EESPA…

Since March 2020, the CEF eInvoicing team held a series of online activities to shape policy discussions and co-create the future of eInvoicing with you.

We are delighted to share this article on “Onboarding for SMEs and Private Sector”, presenting the latest developments, current eInvoicing projects, and goals related to stakeholder onboarding. This article was co-written by eInvoicing stakeholders and CEF experts and based on your input exchanged on the CEF eInvoicing User Community and ideas mentioned during the November 2020 Open Session on “SMEs and Private Sector onboarding”. This event was an opportunity for participants from diverse backgrounds and industries to share their views, present on-going projects and eInvoicing goals. Exchanges during this online session resulted in some fascinating insights and conversations on initiatives at the country level and generated by private sector actors.

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