Best Practice PEPPOL – Emilia Romagna Region

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Best Practice PEPPOL – Emilia Romagna Region

The first Italian Region adopting PEPPOL standard was Emilia Romagna in 2016 following the regional law n. 287/2015 according to which: all Emilia Romagna Public Administration and Health Care System suppliers must sent orders and dispatch advice through Peppol AP (Access Point). The project has been developed in 2016, involving as first step the Emilia Romagna Health Care System Administrations, and in 2017 involving all the other Public Administrations.

With the adoption of PEPPOL standard, Emilia Romagna Region Suppliers took impressive advantages:

  • Decrease of inventory carrying costs
  • Decrease of obsolescence costs
  • Improve of delivery rating or service
  • Decrease of inventory after implementing EDI/web
  • Decrease of inventory turnover
  • Decrease of supplier expediting/premium freight
  • Significant reduction in disputes
  • Improve of communications within the supply chain

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Valeria Zagato
Account and Marketing Analyst