A new e-Delivery Note communiqué has been issued in Turkey: Transitions would be voluntarily

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A new e-Delivery Note communiqué has been issued in Turkey: Transitions would be voluntarily

By: E.Alara Topra, Foriba

A new communiqué was issued on December 17, 2017 about the transition to the e-Delivery note, which thousands of taxpayers are eagerly waiting for. According to the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 487 issued by the Revenue Administration (TRA), the transition to the e-Delivery note is not obligatory. However, due to the advantages offered, companies are expected to voluntarily transform to e-Delivery.

Voluntarily Transitions start on 1 January 2018

Taxpayers who have the right to benefit from e-Invoice solution and have completed necessary preparations for regulating and forwarding e-Delivery Note, could be included in e-Delivery Note Solution from 1 January 2018 after completing the necessary applications for their requests.

Taxpayers would be able to benefit from e-Delivery Note solution with the method they benefit from e-Invoice. The private integrators who provide special services and has the private integration permit; could also provide the services like arrangements of the e-Delivery Note within the scope of the notification, signing them with an electronic certificate and delivering and receiving services to their business partners in electronic environment.

Concerns are no longer an issue

The e-Delivery note is known as a UBL-based solution with the same legal qualities as the paper delivery note, with the Revenue Administration at the center. e-Delivery Note, which has the all information of the paper delivery note could only be used between the companies who registered to this application. The document, prepared by the vehicle owner for the goods carried by the paid carries is called transport waybill. The document prepared for the carriage of a sold or about to be sold goods from a workplace to another place of business, are called dispatch note. Application will only electronize the dispatch notes registered to e-Delivery Note.  On the other hand, current paper transport waybills would continue to be issued on the paper.

From now on auditing delivery notes would be more efficient due to the preparation in electronic medium. The public units that have the right to control the road will be able to reach to e-Delivery Note via their tablets by the digital matrix which is on the e-Delivery Note. As the most

As being the firm with the most processed electronic documents, Foriba, the leader of the e-Transformation, predicts that all the concerns of the companies transfers to e-Delivery Note will vanish as it is observed in e-Invoice transformations.

Private Integration from Foriba

Foriba’s Corporate Solutions Manager Kenan Açıkelli talked about the advantages of moving to e-Delivery: “e-Delivery Note has the same legal qualities with the paper delivery note and it includes all the information which is on a paper delivery note. As all the other e-Transformation solutions, e-Delivery Note is too eliminating costs like printing and archiving. Data’s could be kept safe and secure in the digital platform. Since the operations are in electronic medium, trees are prevented from being cut. We, Foriba, present private integrations to companies. It is our plan to accelerate the e-Delivery Note projects with our pilot clients from 1 January 2018.”

e-Delivery Note presented by Foriba, provides and features like unlimited user authorization, Secure archiving for a minimum of 10 years, collective sending, mobile integration, instant imaging without time and space restriction which supports companies with minimizing their costs. Constant upgrade provided by the solution of Foriba provides clients a guaranteed secured usage.


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